Sunday, May 14, 2017

Guerlain’s Lip and Check Tint

Some people get cravings for chocolate or ice cream I had a full out craving for a blush. Not any kind of blush, but more specifically a sheer blush with a dewy finish. I wanted this blush to look like a natural ‘I got a little sun’ flush as opposite to an obvious shimmery powder. I was very specific in my needs and yet I found nothing! Believe me when I say this there are slim pickings when it comes to cream blush out there and the vast majority has a matte or sparkly finish. After thinking I was going to have to explore Korean beauty options I ran into Guerlain’s Lip and Check Tint and it appears to be just the thing I was looking for.
Firstly let me state the obvious this blush is packaged in a nail polish bottle. Some might see this as cute, playful, and innovative, but I hate the idea of the brushing blush on to my cheeks. A part of me dislikes this method due to the fact it’s unsanitary and another part dislikes it because it makes it difficult to apply evenly. Not that the people at Guerlain would take my suggestion, but I really wish this came in a tube, or a small bottle with a pump. To make application as sanitary as possible I swipe this gel on the back of my (clean) hand and then apply to my face either with fingers or a blush.

Packaging aside, this blush has a fantastic formula. The formula itself is a gel and as you rub this into your cheeks the product gives the prettiest tint of colour. For more of a dramatic effect you can layer this product with ease. With the slight dewy finish and the pretty pink natural flush this blush is undeniably fresh looking. On the lips this gives that desirable ‘I just ate a popsicle’ stain, its seriously stunning. Whether it is on the lips or on the cheeks Guerlain’s Lip & Cheek is the perfect product to create that natural, flattering blushing from within look.

Despite my issues with the packaging this is one fantastic product. Put it this way if Guerlain released more colours I would without a doubt buy more based on the fact that I love the formula so much. If you’re looking for that dewy, fresh blush look or crave a seriously pretty lip stain this spring/summer you need to try this blush. Likewise if you like the idea of a natural looking, multi-tasking product you need to check this out too. A new spring and summer favorite for me I can’t recommend Guerlain Lip and Check Tint enough.

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