Sunday, December 21, 2014

3 Beauty Essentials: Christmas Edition

I think we can all agree here that Christmas is one hectic day. Truly I loving cooking and entertaining but I feel like I blink and the next thing I know people are already arriving. Having spent enough Christmas’s makeup less and in my pyjamas I have come up 3 beauty essentials that are my saving graces on Christmas day.

Dry Shampoo
Even with clean hair I guarantee spending the day over a hot stove will leave you with oily looking hair. We all know oily hair is not a cute so dry shampoo is a must! Not only does it leave you hair clean quickly but it can also add volume to your hairstyle too. I love the Dove dry shampoo but my all-time favorite is the Klorane Natural Shade Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. The Natural Shade version is the same light weight, effective formula as the original but doesn’t leave that white cast.

I have fell victim in previous years from fading blush, dark circles and cakey foundation and I am here to say a primer can be your best friend. I think it comes down to I don’t have a lot of time to do my makeup Christmas day and I find even less time to touch up as I go, so for me a primer is a must. My primer of choice is the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, which aids to not only mask foundation last longer, but it also perfects the skin, fills wrinkles, moisturizes, illuminates, tightens…
Basically the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm makes any skin look like amazing skin with the added benefit of making your makeup last longer.

Lip Liner
Hate is a strong word but I disliked lip liner for a long time. It actually wasn’t until the whole lip liner thing became trendy that I found the amazing Rimmel’s Exaggerate range of lip liners. I did a whole review about these here but why I am opting for these on Christmas day is strictly based on one thing… wear time. I have been trying and testing these for the past couple of monthS and I have fallen in love with them. While the formula lasts forever they feel pretty comfortable on the lips. The longevity make the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners =the perfect dinner friendly lip product.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Amazing World of Drugstore Skincare

In the aisles of your grocery store and on the shelves of your drugstore there is a beautiful thing going on. The beautiful thing I am talking about is skincare people! Skincare is totally in right now am I am completely loving it. Years ago there were only a couple of brands the dominated the drugstore but now we see many different companies treating every skin concern possible.  Gone are the days where the answer to acne was getting a heavier foundation and the cure for dry skin was petroleum jelly. So with this skincare renaissance happening in your local pharmacy here are my top brands to watch out for.

Nip + Fab
This cutting edge line of products is founded the same people who brought to you Rodial. This brand thrives on giving naturally advanced skincare that is cutting edge, yet affordable. Sounds amazing right? They have some interesting sounding products like there Bee Sting line or there Viper Venom range but what caught my eye was the Glycolic line of products. There Glycolic peel pads have been in tons of magazines and hyped around the internet. The whole chemical peel pad trend has been prevalent in department store brands for a while, but there haven’t been many drugstore brands to compete. Judging by the incredible reviews online it seems like not only does NIP & FAB compete but they really hold their own.
             I really think NIP & FAB are on to some fun, cutting edge drugstore skincare which is why I think its a brand to watch out for.

Indeed Labs
Another brand doing some amazing cutting edge things is Indeed Lab. Like Nip + Fab, Indeed Labs have been taking over beauty publications and the blog world alike. While there products are rich in science and innovation they are all affordable and carried in my local drugstore. What I really like about Indeed Labs is there straight to the point approach to skincare. Instead of offering a whole skincare regime they offer direct solutions, making it ideal for the person who doesn’t like all the fuss. Thus far I have only tried Indeed Labs Snoxin (review here), but there range of products thoroughly interest me.  

This is a new brand here in Canada but what caught my eye was there Hot Cloth Polish. We all know the Hot Cloth/Polish trend has been around the department stores for a while, but I was impressed to see a variation at my local Walmart. NSPA has 25 years of spa experience and they take pride in transforming your everyday beauty routine into a lush, relaxing, luxurious one. There bath and body care range smells unbelievably lavish, the Hot Cloth Polish has me hooked (review here) and there hydration line of products looks amazing. So next time you’re at your local Walmart I highly suggest you pay attention to NSPA.

What are some of your favourite drugstore skincare brands and products? Leave me a comment! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gifts for the Beauty Lover

Christmas time is here so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite beauty gifts for the season. These presents would be perfect for any cosmetic enthusiast. But trust me I won’t judge if you happened to gift yourself this season. So here is my tried and test best Christmas beauty presents for the season.

For the polish lover- Louboutin Nail Polish in Louboutin Red
This beautiful, towering, ultra luxe nail polish is honestly a piece of artwork. In terms of quality the formula glides across your nails with consistently pigmented strokes. However as beautiful and lavish it is this polish is truly a splurge. It’s the kind of polish that you wouldn’t buy for yourself but you would be happy if someone bought for you.

For the body care lover- The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Body Line
Move over Lush and Bath and Body Works because The Body Shop nailed it this holiday season. Among the seasonal launches is the limited edition scent Vanilla Brulee. Vanilla Brulee smells so amazingly yummy I have debating eating the bubble bath (it kind of looks like vanilla pudding). Seriously though sometimes with vanilla scents they can smell artificial and chemically, but Vanilla Brulee is just down right mouth-watering.  I have tried and tested the bubble bath, body butter and the body scrub and all 3 are amazing and come highly recommended.

For the Blush Addict- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Pallet
I got this blush pallet back in October and I have been using it every day since. All three colours are pigmented, beautiful, buttery and some of the best among my collection.
If you can still find this pallet this will make any blush enthusiast happy this Christmas, trust me!
I did a whole review on this pallet here.

For anybody that happens to like beauty- Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
This book is a makeup, skincare and grooming guide that everyone should own. This book debunks lies of the industry and gives a laid back approach to beauty. Fear not, because while the book jam-packed with information it remains light hearted by Sali’s fun, no-bullshit narrative. There are chapters for teens and sections devoted to anti-aging, making it the perfect gift for any women (or man). 
                                        An amazing read and I can’t recommend it enough!

Yes this is a late gift guide but I thought I would get it out there. 
What are some of your favourite gifts of the season? Leave me a comment. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

To Lazy for Beauty

I am never too tired to wash my face and I always find the time to put on blush. However laziness happens to even the best of us. While I consider myself a beauty obsessed individual lately I have been slacking in three particular areas. So while a totally plan on getting back on track there are some things I am kind of happy not doing. Here are the 3 things I have been too sluggish to do lately. 

Before we get crazy here I "technically" have been exfoliating. However rather then the typical scrub I have been using the chemical solutions instead. I love chemical exfoliators and they do some fantastic things for the skin but the bottom line is I have missed using a scrub. For me nothing soughs of dead skin and makes your skin as soft as a physical scrub so back to scrubbing I will go. 

Nail Polish 
In October I was wearing a lot of red nail polish, so in return I was gifted with some gorgeously stained nails... not. This whole yellow stained mess made me give up nail polish for a while. At first I was itching to paint my nails but now my nails my nails have never looked better. The whites of my nails are white and I've also noticed my nails are stronger. I do plan on painting my nails again but I am throughly enjoying having them au natural. 

My basic makeup look use to be composed of mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner. I wore eyeliner daily for years and years! As of late maybe due to rushed mornings, change of tastes but I have neglected this beauty product entirely. While I use to throw the winged eye liner look every morning I am kind of liking the minimal look. For me my perfect basic look is sheer wash of eye shadow and a good coat of mascara. I might throw on a liner every now and then but I don't see my self going back to my old liner self any time soon. 

 For me using a scrub twice a week is a must and something I know my skin loves. As for the nail polish I love my naked nails but  I will be itching to paint them soon. However, on the other hand there are those things we don't do because we just aren't into it anymore, like eyeliner. Some might call it slacking but it's in those times where we forget or ignore a product we see how much we really missed it. 
Have you been lazy with a few products recently? Leave me a comment! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Red

Red lipstick has a super power to it. It can make one feel pretty, sexy, empowered and beautiful all at the same time. However, unlike fun fuchsias, barely there nudes or vampy plum shades, red lipstick is a classic colour and suits absolutely everyone.  This timeless, beautifying, power colour makes it the perfect lipstick to wear around the holidays. So here are my tips and tricks to mastering the red pout.

A Touch of Red
If there you’re not comfortable with a full-on red lip then start off with a sheer wash. You can do this by adding good coat of lip balm to the lips then adding your favorite red lipstick on top. Not only is this method hydrating but it looks stunning too!

Conceal Those Spots
Always, always, always conceal spots (especially around the mouth) or any red areas (like around the nose) if you’re going to wear red lipstick. Red might make your teeth look whiter but it can make those spots appear redder and bigger. You don't need perfect skin to rock a red but I highly suggest concealing anything that worry sum. 

Blush Baby
I think so many people find red lipstick hard to wear because they don’t use enough blush. So my tip to you is always to apply blush after applying your red lipstick. This sounds like such a silly tip but you will be blown away about how much blush really ties the whole look together.

Chanel Gabrielle
Gabrielle is my classic holiday red. Some explain this colour as orange red, while others swear its blue based, I describe this color a timeless true red. Because this color is fairly neutral I honestly haven’t met someone this didn’t suit. The pigmented formula is balanced by a subtle almost glossy finish, which makes this lipstick incredibly easy to wear and very flattering. If you wanted to spurge on a little Christmas treat this year go for Gabrielle.

So ladies put that bubble gum pink lipstick’s down and pack up the nude lip gloss and give a classic Christmas Red a try this festive season.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners

 Lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip balms and jumbo lip crayons are all things I can get into. However is it just me or does anyone find the new lip liner trend incredibly hard to wear? Most lip liners are so drying the make my lips looks dry and thin. Often compared to high end brands Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners come so highly recommended that they are impossible to ignore. So I followed the online hype right to drugstore and purchased two of these for myself. 

I’ve tired Stila, Doir, Mac and the cult status NYX but nothing I’ve ever tried compares to the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners. The formula itself is creamy and opaque which is perfect for creating that solid line. I must add I am a total fan of the mechanical sharpener but what really does me over is the slanted tip, which allows for really easy application. I love finding gems at the drugstore! I have to give you a heads up that the packaging is not exactly the same at the color. So if you’re looking at the Rimmel Exaggerate I highly recommend trying these first hand or looking at online swatches before purchasing. 

The first color I bought was 070 Enchantment. This full on raspberry color is stunning and I can totally see this becoming a summer must have for many. 

I was then enticed by 063 Eastend Snob which is a nude pink. In reality this this the closest color to nude I can wear and I totally am digging it. 

Usually I compare a drugstore brands to a high-end brand, but there nothing I've tried that compares to the Rimmel lip liners. They last forever on the lips, application is a breeze and they are relatively creamy too! If you wanted to get your 90’s lip game on I can’t recommend the Rimmel Exaggerate enough.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I have spent the entire week loaded up on cough drops and fighting the flu. To some I am a wuss but I like to think of myself as quite the trooper. Finally feeling better I looked at myself at the mirror… bad mistake. The flu can sometimes mean sweating and all I’m saying is breakouts ladies. Yes, this post is starting with TMI moment but haven’t we all been there? Between hormonal breakouts to accidently sleeping with your makeup on breakouts happen.
So what is a girl to do? Cue in my spot super hero GLAMGLO SUPERMUD.

The SUPERMUD is loaded with 6 acids, including glycolic and AHA. However along the list of acids is lactic acid. Lactic acid has to be one of my favorite acids because it eats away at dead skin cells and leaves you with amazing looking skin. Totally sounds aggressive but I assure you lactic acid is rather gentle. Come to think about it, despite SUPERMUD containing a whole family of acids its actually not drying nor is it irritating.

This product gets better because helping draw out impurities the team at GLAMGLO have also added charcoal to the mix. Actually the fact that this mask is a clay-based it helps draw out purities too. In addition to purifying the clay base can also help minimize the look of redness, which we all know come hand in hand with pimples. Some brands spot treatments relying on one ingredient to fight spots but here is where the science of skincare just blows me away. The composition of SUPERMUD is a skin-clearing fighting machine because on so many levels this is perfection.

I have been using SUPERMUD for just about four months and if you haven’t noticed I have fallen completely in love.  My preferred method of use is to apply this directly to the spot or affected area. Within every application I am always impressed to see how clear my skin instantly looks. We all know breakouts and spots happen so highly recommend you equip yourself with a pot of SUPERMUD you will not be disappointed!