Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why I Blog

My blogging story is a simple and dare I even say non magical. I am not a renowned makeup artist or a facial-ist. With that being said I do have some experience in skincare and makeup and love reading up on new products. But what I am getting at is I’m not giving advice in vogue
I am just an average girl who happens to love beauty.
I really started committing time to blogging while I was unemployed last summer. Told you non-magical but it was something that kept me busy between interviews and looking for work online. Shortly after I got my current job and loved blogging so much I kept up with it. So why do I blog?

Jay has hockey, my father has golf and my mother is a travel enthusiast. For me my interest has always been the science of skincare and the artistry of makeup. From trying different products to reading about them I absolutely love the world of beauty.

Tarte Tanya is not the most popular beauty blog online but I am proud of my little site. Each month I see my blog grow little by little and it’s something I can honestly say I am proud of.

Beauty Break
Some of you may know this but for those of you that don’t I work with all men. I love my job and love the no bullshit attitude of the industry.  However, my girly little blog offers really good balance for me. I can be an over the top girly girl and still have the mouth of a trucker.
Kidding kidding… kind of.

I always heard "the beauty community this" and "beauty community that"but always looked at it as a exclusive non-welcoming bunch of girls. Yes, I let my own insecurities get a hold of me on that one. The beauty community is very much real, very supporting and non-mean in the slightest. The bottom line is we all stick up for each other and wish the best for everyone... now how often can you say that in real life? 

Yes, today we got up close and personal! 
I know a ton of you have blogs so leave me a comment. Why do you blog? 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I have always known there were tons of people who go bonkers over 8 Hour Cream. However after reading a vogue edition of “what’s in your purse” article I was surprised about how many people love this product. Not because I didn’t believe in the powers of eight hour cream, but because I envisioned fashions elite carrying some exclusive french product that was overpriced and extremely hard to find.
Years back I was actually given a sample of the famous 8 Hour Cream. While I found it moisturizing and understood the healing properties to say I hated the scent was an understatement. I’m not one to bash a product but the scent was that of an old lipstick and it was just a no go for me.   
Years later a multipurpose balm with healing properties is still something I find appealing Despite my previous negative experiences I bought the Eight Hour Cream in the unscented version.   
So lets start of talking about the scent, which was the sole purpose of my previous negative experience. The unscented version is not actually unscented. It is kind of vanilla scented but sort of smells like the previous version. However, the scent is light so it's not offensive or in your face in the slightest. Basically what I'm getting to is if the old version didn't appeal to you I would highly suggest you try this one. 
As for the actual product this is everything a multi purpose balm should be. I've used this to tame my eye brows, moisturize my lips, nourish my cuticles, tame fly aways and as a quick dose of moisture for dry skin. 
While the formula is thick and slightly greasy however it soaks in relatively quickly. My advice to anyone who is on the market for this would be 'a little goes a long way'. 
Eight Hour Cream is one of those products that because you can use on everything it's astonishingly addictive. If you haven't tried Eight Hour Cream I can't recommend it enough. I love the hydration and with the cold weather just being around the corner I know it's something I will reach for even more.

Have you tried Eight Hour Cream? Leave me a comment!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Back- Back, Back It Up

 I’m not a diva but… a comment that automatically no matter what makes you sound like a complete diva. As I was saying I’m not a diva but there are a few beauty items that I can’t be without. Hell maybe I am a little bit of a princess but you can’t blame a girl for wanting a clean face, right? Without further rationalizing my need to go to sleep with a clean face here are my three products that I always have back up of.

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
This is my new favorite cleanser. I did a whole review on this here so I won’t go to in depth about this. But I will say this … it builds a great lather, isn’t stripping in the slightest and is gentle enough to use around the eye area. Plus, it has a long list of fantastic ingredients and best part is it’s only $16.00. I won’t be without a cleanser and the Clarins just happens to be my favorite so I always leave a back-up just in case.  

I love Bioderma as I’m sure most of you do. The appeal lays in its super gentle yet effective formula. For me I couldn’t go without Bioderma it’s my go to all-purpose makeup remover. We are very lucky here in Canada to have so many french brands available to us.
So why do I always keep a bottle hanging around you ask? It’s simple as I can usually find a bottle on promotion at my local drug store. This time I found the Hydrobio dry/sensitive skin formula on promotion for $14.00. The Hydrobio formula is something that is new to me and I thought the added hydration might be nice for the colder upcoming months. 

Shisedo Facial Cotton
In my brief stint of working in cosmetics it wasn’t long before I noticed people going absolutely nuts for these facial cotton squares. Honestly women from all walks of life purchasing these super expensive cotton and claiming them to be “addictive” and “the best”.  One day a woman in complete panic grabbed four packs of these and bolted for the cash. While cashing her through she told me her local store was out and also warned me “never to try these”. I remember the lady so vividly and thinking at the crap I need to try these.
 Am I really going on about facial cotton now? Basically what I am getting to is I'm now that panicky lady. There are tons of dupes for these out there but nothing compares to the baby soft Shisedo cotton. I will never be without, they are living changing, I love them so much … don’t buy these.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So Long Summer

Crisp mornings and pumpkin spice lattes can only mean one thing, summer is almost over. Fall is actually my favourite season, but with fall on its way it’s safe to say winter is around the corner. Canadian winters mean, snow, traffic and frigid temperature. Back to the topic on hand with summer more or less over here are the products that I just need to wear one last time.

Chanel Pink Explosion Blush
A pink blush with a pink lip can is the perfect way to look perky and fresh in the summer.
Random fact I can’t say the work perky without giggling.
Pink Explosion the sort of pink that looks bright in the pan but when applied looks very 
I love this blush and I have to admit I wear it all year
  I do wear this all year, however in the summer pared with a sheer pink lip gloss and a generous coat of mascara ... now you got a Tanya look. 

Bourjois Nail Polish in Amande Defile
This very pretty mint is what inspired this whole post. My initial reaction to this nail colour was “it’s so pretty”, “it’s only two dollars” then reality settled in when I released this beautiful mint green was a bit out of season.  I love mint green but between you and I it’s one of those colours that I reach for in the spring and summer. While summer is not “technically over” I plan on wearing this one last time.  

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure
My love for Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shines is very well documented. They are the perfect balmy lip color with just right amount of colour  They also have the added benefit of not needing a mirror to apply. Amazing right? Almost finished my tube of Aventure this pretty pink has taken me through two summers. The pinkish color has fine gold glitter running though it which makes the lips look lush and plump.

NARS Eye Shadow Duo in Alhambra
Alhambra has to be one of my all-time favourite NARS duo’s. It contains a shimmery pale pink as well as shimmery gold. Both colors are pigmented and buttery and honestly just a pleasure to wear. While shimmery pale pinks come in handy all year the gold I like to wear exclusively in the summer. While some girls rock a golden tan my summer pale-girl tradition is to wear golden eye shadow. A simple sweep of the gold along the lids and a pop of the pale pink in the tear duct area easy peasy two second look!

So yes I am thrilled for fall but with that being said I hate to see the warm weather leave.
What product's are you going to miss? leave me a comment!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Just another Sunday Haul

I was all about staying at home today reading blogs and just keeping it low key. Somehow between reading about French skincare to drugstore skincare favourites I found myself in my car headed right over to my local drugstore. So here is my skincare heavy haul with some other things that looked interesting too.
Bad Tanya!

The first product I wanted to try out was nspa’s hot cloth cleanser. I love when affordable brands bring out cutting edge products. I also heard that this is a dupe for the Liz Earls Hot Cloth Cleanser …basically what I am getting at is I am pretty darn excited to try this out.

While I was reading all about the famous Homeoplasmine I read a ton of comparisons to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. I have actually tried 8 Hour Cream in the past and hated the scent. It kind of smelt like bad lipstick to be honest! With that being said I heard it didn’t smell as bad anymore. I quickly tired this in the car and it did have a scent but nothing like how I remember.
Let me know if you would like a review?

Bourjois Nail Polish… complete impulse buy but there on sale for $2.00 each. Can you blame me? I am pretty excited to get the mint green on my nails before the summer is completely over.

Indeed Labs Snoxin Serum
I love a good serum and truthfully I feel like my skin has been a bit blah as of late. After bringing this home I realized this product is expired so back to the drugstore it will go. I have heard so many great things about Indeed Labs so I am eagerly looking forward to picking up a fresh tube.

Hardcandy Mod Quad in Brownie Points looked like a dupe for the Chanel Eye shadows.
This quad cost $5.00 and the three darker colors from a first swatch look stunning.

Finally last but certainly not least is a Wet’n’Wild eye shadow in Brule. This was a gift from one of my best friends. Since we both like makeup we constantly pick up inexpensive items for the other to try. Sounds silly but its fun always receiving cute little gifts from a friend.
So yes ladies there we have it another random Sunday kind of impulsive haul.

If you have any requests for a review I am happy to do so. Did any of you do any shopping this weekend? Leave me a comment!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Calvin Klein Reveal

Obsession, I think it all started with the spicy oriental Obsession. Like many women in the early 90’s it was my mom’s signature scent. I have such amazing memories related to this perfume. Among many I remember the comfort of my mother’s bulky warm sweaters on cold winters nights. Next was my first perfume, CK1. I was completely obsessed with it and at the time I thought I was just the coolest kid in elementary school. After my long love affair with CK1 was Euphoria the sexy orchid fragrance that marked my first year of college, my first love and my first heartbreak.
For me Calvin Klein fragrances aren’t ones I just wear but the ones I’ve created memories with. So when I won a bottle of Calvin Klein’s brand new fragrance Reveal I was ecstatic.

So what do I think… Before reading up on the notes I thought this was going to be another variation of Flowerbomb. Yes, I love me some Flowerbomb but I get frustrated when everything starts to smell repetitive. After reading the notes partly shocked the other part high fiving Mr. Klein’s perfume team I knew this was something original and something I that I had to try.

Reveal hits you with a quick burst of woodsy notes then immediately dries down to salt. Salt in fragrance is interesting and the closest thing I can describe it to is a windy day at the beach. You know that sea salty scent in the air? It smells exactly like that.

Once this starts to dry you really get into the Cashmeran which is a basically smells like warm laundry but kind sensual all at the same time. The salt and Chasmeran work together to really transport you to a windy beach and being wrapped up in a freshly washed cashmere throw, it smells absolutely beautiful.

I have had so many memories shared with so many of Calvin Klein scents. I’m not sure where Reveal will take me, however based on the sent alone there are going to be some beautiful journeys to come. 
I absolutely love this fragrance and a huge thanks to David Lackie for the generous prize. If you are from Canada you will know that David is our own celebrity and is a Host on the famous Cityline show. However if you don’t live in Canada I highly suggest you follow David he tweets amazing contests and fantastic tips. You can follow him here if you would like.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rainy Tuesday Night

Oh a whim I decided to take today off to enjoy a little home time. I confess as I have become older I have become such a homebody. I love watching movies, reading blogs, and cooking. With the weather being rainy and cool I decided tonight would be an good time to watch some movies, drink some tea and take a long bath. Oh and paint my nails because that is a department I have been slacking on recently.
So I thought I would share some of the products I am looking forward to using on this rainy Tuesday night.

Stormy nights and baths are a match made in beauty heaven as far as I’m concerned. So while I have been enjoying my Fresh Bath Salts I have decided tonight would be a good night to try the Blithe and Bonny Bath Salts in Honey Almond. While I can’t contest to the performance of these the scent is warm, sweet and calming. Almond and Honey… yummm!

Glamglo oh Glamglo … tonight I am going to try this again. I’m telling you beauty bloggers are a persistent group of ladies. I was excited to never try this again but after reading so many positive reviews I thought maybe I missed something? Because my skin tougher during the summer I thought to myself “this might actually work for me now”.
Yes, I just justified purchasing something I didn’t really like.

Now lets talk about something I have always loved Essie’s Playa Del Platinum. This color is the perfect grey nude and has been a go to for years. There’s something about this color that makes my hands look so clean and tidy. Not that they were ever dirty! The formula of this Essie polish is a hit and overall it has to be one of my all time favorites.

 Well that marks the end of my stay-cation and the beginning of the workweek. What are some of your favorite pampering products?