Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pomegranate Noir Room Spray

I never knew the luxurious Shiseido facial cotton could be so good, nor was I expecting to love Guerlain’s $53.00 Rouge G’s as much as I do. Sometimes luxurious products are so good that they are revolutionary. So ladies put that bottle of Febreze down here is my escapade into the fancy world of fine room fragrance.

My first experience in the world of luxury home fragrance was with Dyptique. Out of the two pristinely packaged candles I bought one was a hit and the other was a horrible miss. On the fence about Dyptique and quite happy with BBW’s Leaves I was not looking into purchasing another lavish candle, home scent diffuser or anything like that.  

Then Jo Malone happened!

Let’s keep it real, $60.00 for a room spray is absolutely crazy. I don’t live a life of luxury, I don’t own a private jet nor do have a closet full of Louis Vuitton… I am a normal girl. Sure I have nice things, but the nice things I do have I save up for. However, I am not kidding you Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir room spray is worth saving your nickels and dimes.

Pomegranate Noir smells like tart pomegranate meets the heady patchouli. The overall effect is sweet yet masculine, combined with a whole lot of sexy. Wholeheartedly the Room Spray stands up to the regular perfume. There’s none of that watered down-ness or strong chemical filler it’s just full on Pomegranate Noir. 

The most surprising part is the longevity of this.

 This is going to sound a little sales pitchy but …
With only a couple of spray’s you can enjoy a 3 hour scent journey with Pomegranate Noir.
Yes 3 hours!  So while this is expensive you need so little that in reality one of these huge bottle will last you a long time. I have been using this in our bedroom and living room almost every day and the bottle barely looks touched.

For me this is one of those pricey items that is so revolutionary it's worth the price tag. If you enjoy Pomegranate Noir you will go mad for this. Jo Malone also has an assortment of other famous scents done for their room spray line. The quality of fragrance, the amount or product and the longevity really make this worth its money.  It’s like your favorite perfume in the comfort of your living room!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Birthday Haul

With a handful of anti-aging products and the other handful of white wine I am another year older today. Well it’s more like yesterday but you know what I mean. Always being the one to love a good haul I thought I should do a birthday haul, after all this is a beauty blog. So all bragging aside I thought I would share some goodies I got/ I bought for my birthday.

Caudalie Grape Water
Surprisingly I have not tried much from Caudalie, which is strange because there product’s seem to be right up my alley. Good ingredients , yup… Sensitive skin friendly, yup…
Made from at a vineyard some where in France … yup! 
So my first dabble with the brand is this Grape Water spray. I’ve tried it a few times and it feels pretty darn amazing on the skin.  

Hourglass Ambient Blush Pallet
When these were first released I made a promise not to read any reviews or even swatch them in the store. If you’ve read my blush tag (here) you will know I have too many blushes. I’m pretty much a blush addict. Then the pallet came out and my heart stopped, the clouds parted and I got it for my birthday. I really want to do some more testing before giving this a detailed review but damn these are some bewilderingly breath-taking blushes.

Sephora Birthday Gift
I love mascara samples! Not only do they last for a long time but they truly give you feel if you’re going to like the product or not. Also added to the gift was pretty Makeup Forever mini lipstick. I have yet to try any Makeup Forever lip products so I am excited to try this out too!
On a side note they should really start selling lipstick mini’s, it’s a perfect way to try a lipstick shade without committing to a whole tube. 

Karma Bubble Bar
I love Lush and use to actually use a lot of their products. Granted at the time I use to live by a Lush store and at the moment the closest one to me is almost an hour away. So like most long distance love affairs Lush and I grew apart.  Sad... I know!
So when I passed a Lush store this weekend I knew I needed to pick up some old favorites of mine. First favorite is the Karma Bubble bar. Second to my love of bubble bath’s is my love for the Karma scent. If your into patchouli and citrus this might be a scent for you.
 I love this stuff but can some of you lush addict’s answer me this did the prices go up recently on these? And did these get smaller?

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap
The first thing I ever tried from Lush was this very soap and to this day I still find it just as yummy. Honey I Washed the Kids smells like honey and toffee and you might be tempted to eat it. You shouldn’t eat it because I have and it still tastes like soap.

I also got a new pajamas for my Birthday and I know we are all friends here but ... I don't think your ready for that side of me. Also not pictured is my table runner. I know what your thinking nothing screams out 27 like a new runner. I'm sure the runner will be featured in many posts in the future as a background to a beauty product so fear not!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Three Things to Try- Guerlain

Guerlain is one of the world’s oldest perfume houses. So it should come to no shock when I state that they are masters in the world of beauty. From Marilyn Monroe’s infamous lipstick shade to creating a perfume that inspired the flappers in the 20’s with every product I purchase not only am I getting a truly luxurious product but I feel like buying a piece of history too.

When deciding to do the “three things to try” posts I knew Guerlain was a brand I needed to touch on. I don’t want you to think I’m sipping Don Paragon in a cashmere dressing robe while applying a Rouge G. Personally Guerlain’s products are definitely ones that are I save up for therefore cherish them greatly. They are also ones I research the heck out of and take my time buying because this girl doesn’t want duds. So here are my top three things to try from Guerlain.

Could a Guerlain top product list be complete without this? I don’t think so!
The original Meteorites was first released in 1987 and it was the first of its kind. The multicoloured pearls work to perfect the complexion while giving a subtle glow.  For me Meteorites are that product that you don’t initially see on the skin, and then almost magically your skin just looks better.
 I apply this by swirling a large fluffy brush and applying it over foundation, kind of like a setting powder. They literally take seconds to put on yet make all the world of difference.
It goes without saying but the packaging is unquestionably exquisite too!

I also have the pressed limited edition version. This version took me forever to track down, I love it but I won’t go too much into it because it was limited edition.
What I am getting to is if they ever decide to re-release this do yourself a favor and purchase it, it’s the same Meteorites finish but travel friendly.

Shine Automatique Rose Pompon
I feel downright classy when I say this but Guerlain’s Rose Pompon is my signature colour. You know how people say you will know your perfect lipstick shade because it gives the face life? This is that shade for me! This pinky mauve is wearable with just about any look and for any occasion.
Although this is lipstick is slightly shimmery it is not gritty in the slightest. Instead the formula is amazing, buttery, perfectly sheer, yet still pigmented, shiny, hydrating and smells great too. What more can you ask for? Oh the push up packaging is not only beautiful and cool but it’s extremely handy too.
For me Rose Pompon has it all… 

Terracotta Mineral Bronzer
I really do love NARS Laguna and I’m not trying to cheat on her here but I also love my Guerlain Terracotta Mineral Bronzer. The whole Terracotta line was established in 1984 and claims to make one instantly healthy while capturing that healthy glow.
I am not cheating on you Laguna, but Guerlain is on to something here. This matte bronzer is the perfect shade for my winter skin. I know it’s hard for us pale gals to find bronzer shades but this one is perfectly pale and pretty darn amazing! While it is not shimmery I will say it’s not deathly mattifying either. It’s like glowly but in that healthy skin kind of way.
“I hate loose powders” I know, I know loose powders can be scary, messy and a carpet catastrophe waiting to happen. I think Guerlain really thought this through because this has a mesh protector that prevents product from flying out and also makes application easier. For me this is that perfect colour, easy to blend, great to travel with and just an amazing all-rounder bronzer.

I think Guerlain is a great line. For the most part there products are always spot on trend, luxury and quality. I also love there Rouge G’s as well as there blushes, just saying. So yes ladies there you have it my 3 products to try from Guerlain.  What are some of your favorites leave me a comment?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Indeed Labs Snoxin Review

I happen to be having a moment with skincare, in particularly serums. A good serum can work wonders on your face. In fact I remember working in cosmetics and being told by various co-workers and faciaist’s to always invest in a good serum. My personal philosophy is moisturizer helps protect the skin you see right now as where a good serum can help the skin of the future. We are all into making that future skin as good as possible right? 

I’ve always wanted to try products from Indeed labs. Not only do they come highly recommended but I also love their company philosophy, which is basically to offer the best, most cutting edge skincare around while pushing the status quo of the industry. While this might sound like every high-end skincare line, I am happy to say Indeed Labs very affordable and easy to find. I do confess all their products look pretty amazing too but when I saw the “better than $500 serums” claim I was sold.

This cutting edge serum features a concentrated multiple peptide formula. While most serums feature one peptide that combats one skin concern, this serum has a ton of peptides which target multiple skin concerns. It should be no surprise to you when I say this serum does just about everything reduces sagginess, fine lines, crow’s feet and firms the skin too!

Let’s keep things real here I am in my late 20’s and I don’t have deep set wrinkles or extreme sagging going on. However, within the past couple of years I have undeniably noticed loss of firmness and small wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. I have to say I have been completely smitten Snoxin! The texture of Snoxin is a gel, which makes it perfect for any skin type. However unlike other gel products I’ve tried Snoxin is instantly refreshing. It’s truthfully a pleasure to use and a step I don’t dare to miss.

I have been giving this a good test and the best ways to describe the results are it’s a push up bra for your face. This is the part in a post where I get so excited it’s hard to get my point across. Snoxin makes my skin so firm it’s literally a push up bra for the face. The texture, the results, the instant refreshing sensation, I even have my mom hooked I absolutely love it!  I’ve never tired a $500 dollar serum but it looks like I am never going to have to.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dealing with Eczema

I wanted to do a post about this for so long but because I am not a “professional” I was honestly scarred to. I think the bottom line when talking about skincare is what works for me might not be perfect for you. However while my skin will always eczema prone I am really happy with the condition of my skin right now. So I thought I would share with you my story, some tips and tricks for eczema prone skin.

While in high school I had that typical teenage oily skin. I consider myself lucky because although I had spots it’s nothing that a good cleanser couldn’t clear. Somewhere between high school and college I started to get a dry forehead. Just thinking it was normal “winter skin” I went to the store and bought a crap moisturizer. This moisturizer was meant for oily skin and contained salicylic acid. I think at the time I couldn’t fathom using a product for dry skin all over my face, which was moistly oily. This whole experience was a disaster because the cream burnt the heck out of my forehead and eventually turned it into a dry peeling mess. Still thinking it was just some dry skin I tried creams from Chanel to La Roche Posey and nothing worked. Eventually my “dry skin” spread from a patch to almost my entire forehead, which left me with no option but to see the doctor, which lead me to use of a topical steroid.

Topical steroids can be tricky.  In my experience, in a couple of days my dry patches did almost disappear and I thought my battle was done. The next thing I knew the “dry skin” was back but this time it was worse. The tricky thing about topical steroids is with prolonged usage can actually make matters worse. My skin was so scaly I hated leaving the house and to make matters worse my left eye brow started to fall out because of the constant itching.

Two years went by and on random trip to the drugstore everything changed. A sales lady approached me and said “you need to try this right now” and handed me a sample bottle of Avene’s Cold Cream.  Honestly my skin instantly felt soothed and cooled a feeling that was completely new to me. She explained that her daughter has suffered with eczema and she recognized it when she saw it! This lady is truly my skincare fairy god mother, I didn’t know I had eczema at the time nor did I know about Avene. From that point on my obsession with skincare started. I spent every night reading up on eczema, product ingredients and life style choices that would change my skin forever.

These are tips that I have discovered through research or personal experience. They have helped me and hopefully they can help you too:
  • There is no cure for eczema so be prepaid constant care is a lifelong commitment.
  • Don’t be afraid to use treatments for affected area only.  Meaning I totally get some eczema products are too rich for your entire face so just use them where you need them.
  • I know a lot of products are safe for sensitive skin but I baby my forehead. So for most masks or any harsh chemical peels I avoid using on my forehead all together.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid alcohol. If you want to drink just be prepared your eczema will need the extra TLC the following day.
  • Go makeup free if you can. Personally I find foundations and powders to be very drying so usually I avoid applying makeup to my forehead.
  • Do what feels good to your skin! I ran into quite a few products that were made for sensitive skin yet they burnt when I put them on my skin. If this happens to you I highly suggest stop using them and if you can return them.
  • Always keep your favorite eczema cream with you. For me I always keep Cold Cream with me especially in the dryer winter months. I think to get your skin under control you need that constant care.
  • I think the most important tip is just being patient. Your skin will not get better overnight, so just keep up with the routine and what feels good and I assure you thinks will get better. 
If you are a fellow eczema sufferer I feel your pain, but just know things will get better. I know not everyone with find this post beneficial. With that being said even if one person finds this helpful then my work is done.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hard Candy Mod Quad in Brownie Points

Hard Candy’s blushes kick some serious butt and although I love there blush's I have not tried too much of the brand. Why? I don’t really know. Let’s call it a makeup mystery.
The first thing I wanted to try on the long list of products was the baked shadow set.
Brownie Points seemed like an easy to wear bronzy quad and let’s down play it just looks stunning.

Where do we start with this one? 
Well the packaging is nice, durable and compact. I could imagine this quad would be easy to travel with. 

The shadows...
My perfect eye shadow is, non-fussy, buttery, pigmented and easy to blend. It’s the kind of shadow that you can throw on your eye and with a little blending it looks seamless. This pallet did not bring that ease of application to me. I can honestly say that all four colours were hard to pick up on a brush, lacked pigment and were hard to blend. Hard Candy explains you can use these wet and from swatches online they look better wet. However this whole wetting the brush routine seems like an impractical added step considering there are better shadows without the extra effort out there.
(swatches using product dry) 

If you were looking for highly pigmented beautiful shadows at a similar price point I would highly recommend the Wet n Wild. Unfortunately the Hard Candy Quad in Brownie Points as beautiful as it is does not have my stamp of approval. 

Have you tried this quad, what do you think?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Fall Tag

Fall time is my time. I’m telling you there is no other season that makes me more happy, first we have thanksgiving, shortly followed by my birthday, throw in some pretty leave changing scenery and then its Halloween time. So after cursing the internet I noticed the Autumn/Fall tag and I thought to myself although I wasn’t properly tagged I would just do it anyway. So here we go!

Favourite Fall Lip Product. 
Chanel Character is really beautiful but I would say my favourite is the Guerlain Shine Automatique in Rose Pompon. I know this is kind of cheating because it’s a favourite all year but I love the plumy tones especially in the fall. Another new favourite is the Fresh lip balm in Berry, which is a great berry tinted lip balm and it’s so pretty for fall time. 

Favourite Fall Nail Polish
Another hard question, I would have to give this to Deborah Lippmann's Bitches Brew. Bitches Brew is a blacked metallic red, very pretty and extremely flattering.Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink? Skinny Chai Tea Latte, extra hot and no foam! That is my fall order I’m sorry Pumpkin Spice, I like Chai tea better. 

Favourite Fall Candle
I am about to do the annoying thing and pick the typical candle … Bath and Body Works Leaves. Leaves is a fresh spicy scent, that has notes of cinnamon, berries and apple. Honestly it’s one of those candles that smell just downright good. I always love Leaves and each yeah I go a little bonkers with back-ups. Two other fall favourites are Marshmallow Fireside and Autumn Day (which use to be called Acorn & Fig).Did they come out with Autumn Day this year? I don’t think they did, Anyway’s on to the next question.

Favourite Fall accessory 
Scarves and boots but if I had to pick one it would be boots. I am not a sandal, flip-flop kind of girl so you can bet as soon as the weather gets colder I wearing my boots.

Haunted house or haunted hay ride?
Hay rides are slow and if I get really scarred there is nowhere to run. Haunted houses on the other hand running is an option! I would say haunted house.

Favourite Halloween movie?
I love Rob Zombie movies so The Devils Rejects has my pick.

Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Twix are amazing. At Halloween time they are the perfect bite sized treats and go incredibly well with a coffee.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!
I am not dressing up… I love Halloween but this year I am not doing anything expect watching scary movies and eating a ton of junk food.

What is your Favorite thing about Fall?
Where do I start? Birthday cake, leaves turning, warm soup, vampy lips, golden eye shadow, red nail polish, apple pie, pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, scarves, boots, sweater weather, red wine, scary books… I love it all.