Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Weekend Catch Up

So I got my wisdom teeth removed this friday. While I went to bed friday night with minor swelling I woke up saturday morning looking like a chipmunk. On the bright side my diet has consisted of ice cream, popcicles, frozen yogurt and soothes...  I won't lie ice cream for breakfast is certainly something I could get use to. So while I have had a pretty restful, uneventful weekend I thought I would share some of my favourite beauty discoveries and  must haves. 

Dior Lip Maximizer
I haven't used many lip products over the weekend. However, I wanted to make a point that I dreaded finishing my lip glow. It has a refreshing minty tingle, it’s not tacky in the slightest and it vanilla mint scented (yum). Plus I can’t be too sure but I think it really does make my lips look bigger. This isn’t an empties post but I just wanted to give this one last shout out before it’s officially done.
L’Occitane Vanilla & Narcisse
Just because I’ve been in bed living on pudding cups does not mean I will sacrifice smelling good! A bedside treat I have been using this weekend is L’Occitane’s Vanilla & Narcisse body milk. With slight floral notes combined with a spicy vanilla base this body lotion is a stunner. If your into vanilla scents, but crave something slightly refined I highly suggest checking out lotion.

MAC 286 brush 
In all honesty I thought I lost this brush for good, which was a shame because it's a really good brush. To my surprise I stumbled into this emptying out a box of magazines. No idea how it got there, but I am glad to have this duo fibre brush back into my life. From what I can remember this little blending brush works as a dream buffing in concealer or cream eye shadows. 

Butter London Billy No Mates 
Just because I have chipmunk cheeks doesn't mean my hands have to suffer, right? While I almost opted for a minty green nail polish, I ended up with Billy No Mates. This might look a little boring in the bottle but this blueish-grey, yet sort of white polish is sure is interesting. If you into subtle nail colours but crave something different check out Billow No Mates.

Yup that had been what going on with me over the past weekend. 
Leave me a comment and let me know what some of your must haves, have been! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

10 Easy Ways to Avoid Pimples

Pimples, zits, spots or whatever you call them are a real pain in the ass. Not only can they be annoying but they can be painful as well. Plus is it just me or does anyone else get a bump before every important life event too?  The good news about pimples is just about everyone gets them, and for the most part they can be easily avoided. So I thought I would take the time and give you my tops 10 ways to avoid spots. 

1. Don’t touch your face.
Your hands are riddled with bacteria that cause your face to break out. As a teenager I was notorious for leaning my head on my hand, which resulted in pimples around my jawline. The moment I stopped was the moment my pimples started to disappear. If you find this difficult the sleeve of your sweater instead!

2.       Don’t pick your face.
Again your hands boast bacteria that you don’t want on your skin, so avoid picking. Even if your hands are clean more times than not picking will only make matters worse.

3.       Change to a fabric softener for sensitive skin
If you notice yourself randomly breaking out consider it might be sensitivity to a laundry detergent or fabric softener. There are many different laundry products formulated for sensitive skin, so to avoid spots I highly recommend switching to something mild.
4.       Change your pillow case often
Just like our hands, our pillow cases can be riddled with bacteria too. Spots can be easily avoided by just changing your pillow case more often. Personally, I change mine twice a week and have noticed in a big difference in the clarity of my skin.

5.       Take off your makeup consistently
If I fall asleep with makeup on I will 100% wake up with a pimple… it’s just a fact. To avoid this I make sure to wash my face every day no if’s, and’s or but’s. While I always recommend the cleanser and water combination, Bioderma on a cotton pad does the trick when your in a pinch.

6.       Drink More Water
Drinking more water seems to be the answer to all of life’s ailments and pimples are no exception to this miracle treatment. While the science behind this method is still very much on the fence, my philosophy has always been it can’t hurt. Plus, your skin will thank you for substituting water for sugary drinks too. 

7.       Wash your makeup brushes
Another bacterial breeding site is actually on your makeup brushes. You don’t have to wash your makeup brushes every day, but I highly suggest giving them a good clean at least once a day.

8.       Avoid stress
Okay this tip is easier in theory, rather than in practice. HOWEVER cutting some stress is an excellent way to avoid future spots. Investing time in distressing activities like a bubble bath, exercise, reading or crafting can dramatically eliminate the chance of pimple occurring.

9.        Avoid pore clogging oils
There are many different kinds of oils, some good and some pore clogging bad. Personally if a product is less than $5.00 and the first ingredient is mineral oil I know I’m asking for a pimple. With that being said there are also great products at affordable prices, that contain mineral oil… which brings me to my next point

10.   Research Research Research
There are millions of different reviews, about millions of different products, written by people with different skin types. You can go to websites like or simply just google search it you will be overloaded with amazing reviews.

There you have it have my top 10 really easy ways to avoid spots, with that being said remember spots happen, we all get them and they are completely normal. What are some of your tips to avoid spots? Leave me a comment!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Physicians Formula Argan Oil

Beauty oils are blowing up and as we all know I am 100% on board with this new trend. The best part about beauty trends is drugstore brands are jumping on board and offering similar products at affordable prices. New to the affordable list of oils is Physicians Formula's Argan oil. With its pure formula and cute packaging here are my thoughts on this new budget find.

Physicians Formula Argan Oil is 100% pure Argan oil. Yes, you heard me right there are no fillers or unnecessary preservatives in this formula.  Instead you have a lush paraben free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic formula that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. If you were looking for a drugstore alternative to the Josie Maran this might be a great option for you.

While I am a junkie for beauty oils, I must admit this is my first experience with Argan Oil. Yes, I know I am way late for the Argan party, but its better late than to never show up at all right? Argan oil is one of those miracle products that hydrates, brightens, tones and gives the skin a beautiful radiant glow.  Moreover every skin type, even oily can seek benefit from this oil .  Along with being used on the face, you can also use Argan oil on the body and in the hair.

In my experience Physicians Formula Argan oil hydrates my skin, leaves it super soft and gives my skin a beautiful healthy glow. While this product is an oil, it’s definitely thicker than most oils I’ve tried, yet absorbs into the skin almost instantly. Yes this works well in the hair, mixed with your favorite body cream, as a cuticle oil and facial oil, but a surprising use has been that of a foundation primer. 4 drops of this smoothed into the face makes the perfect silicone free makeup base one could wish for. Plus, it has all the added skincare benefits too!

From speaking to friends and family, to reading your comments I know a lot of you have interests in beauty oils. If you wanted to jump on the oil bandwagon, but without spending too much money the Physicians Formula Argan oil is affordable muti-tasking, power house.  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

3 Products For a Soothing Sleep

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this but, sunday night is my unofficial relaxing time. And this particular Sunday is no exception to the rule. In search of some relaxation I headed right for my beauty stash and selected some of my favourite sleep inducing, relaxing products. So before I doze of to dream-ville here are my top 3 relaxing products for a sunday evening. 

Bath and Body Works Sleep Vanilla Lavender Pillow Mist 
For years the Sleep Vanilla Lavender Body lotion has been my bedside must have. Surprisingly, even though I've repurchased the body lotion, I can wholeheartedly say I never noticed the pillow spray. Come to think about it maybe I thought it was a body spray! 
I am getting way off topic here, but what I am getting to is this pillow spray was an unexpected discovery. With the warm scent of vanilla and the calming scent of lavender, in seconds this transforms your bed into a relaxing, sleep inducing retreat. 

Sanctuary Sleep Restoring Body Elixir 
I adore beauty oils and I also happen to love sleeping, which kind of makes this perfect combination. With notes of patchouli, frankincense and ylang ylang this earthy product is a stunning night time must have. If your not into the typical night time lavender scents Sanctuary's Sleep range might just be what your looking for. 

FAB Ultra Repair Hydra- Firm Sleeping Cream 
A gentle, firming, moisturizing night cream is the perfect way to finish any evening beauty routine. Plus there is also something very graifiying about slathering yourself with a thick cream and waking up with super soft skin.  I have been going on about this cream for over a month now and even have a full in-depth review here

A quick, easy, sleep ready beauty routine is what I am all about tonight. Before I sleep off to dream world I would love to know what some of your favourite relaxing, sleepy beauty products are! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Things I Must Use

Spring is here and with the warmer weather, budding flowers and brighter days comes the joyous pleasure of spring cleaning. I mean that with the utmost amount sarcasm of course. My cleaning rampage took me from the kitchen right to the linen closest and then to my makeup collection. Truthfully I like organizing my makeup and skincare. Not only does it insure I rotate between products, but it also gives me inspiration for my posts. Which brings me to the inspiration of this post …  things that I found that I need to use.

THEFACESHOP Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
If you are on the no paraben kick avoid this product, because it’s riddled with not so great ingredients.
With that being said, I can’t escape the fact that this mask makes my face feel super smooth and look radiant the next day. If you’re on the market for a cheap mask, this refreshing gel mask actually works and comes highly recommended.

THEFACESHOP Floral Mist Water
I love facial mists in the spring and summer, there are refreshing and many contain great skincare benefits too. THEFACESHOP’s Floral Mist is a light mist, perfect to for setting makeup but also great for a quick refresh. It also contains an SPF of 8 which makes it great for subtle sun protection.
Sanctuary Spa Hand Cream
I love the scent of Sanctuary Spa products, but over the years there products have become harder and harder to find across Canada. The last thing I have remaining from a gift set is this very hand cream and I can ensure you I will love every last drop.

MAC Margin
In my seasonal makeup switcha-roo I encountered my old favorite MAC Margin. Margin is a golden peach with some bronze undertones. On my fair cheeks this gives a summery glow, but without the obvious look of a bronzer. It’s a shame this sat in my collection for so long, because it’s truly a stunning yet original shade.

What have you found recently that made a vow to finish, answer below!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Blush

Perhaps I’m feeling overly candid today, but Physicians Formula has never been a brand that interested me. On one hand there products are on the expensive side of drugstore spectrum, which makes me think for a couple of bucks more I can get luxury brand product. On the other hand there products seem a little too gimmicky for my liking. However, it’s true when I say I am a blush junkie. It’s also true that one look at this blush stopped me in my tracks at the drugstore. With its beautiful mosaic pattern and gold shimmer I thought this would the perfect affordable blush for the summer time.

When I first saw this blush it was sprayed with a beautiful gold overlay. Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else find overlays completely misleading and totally unnecessary? Actually I would think more women would find this appealing without the added glitter (it still looks equally as pretty). Second thing, Argan oil infused blush, I’m all into skincare benefits in makeup, but I would never choose this over any Argan Oil. And finally my third knock would be the heavy scent to this product. Personally, I like its nostalgic grandma scent, but I can see many classifying this as smelling “old lady”.

After you take away the scent, glitter and the skincare claims you are actually left with one heck of a good blush. Yes, you heard me this is a actually an amazing blush! In terms of colour payoff it's got it and it happens to boast a blendable, long-lasting formula too! However, my favourite quality of this blush is the amazing natural shine it gives. It's the same sort of non-sparkly glow you would find in high end products like Dior or Chanel. Come to think about it, it terms of finish it reminds me a lot like the Dior Rosey Glow blush, matte yet radiant all at the same time. 

Do I recommend it?  I'm still pretty bitter about finding random gold sparkles on my cheeks, but overall I would recommend this blush. In terms of quality, finish and longevity its probably one of the best drugstore blushes I've encountered. If you are sensitive to scents I would make sure to smell prior to purchasing. 
I have the colour Rose. I used the coupon attached to this package and scored this blush for for under $5.00

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Beat Concealer Ever

 Hyper pigmentation to pimples  we all have things we wish we could cover. For me my problem area is and always had been my dark circles. After years of using the wrong products I finally found my dream team, which was the Bobbi Brown Corrector and the Clinique Air Brush concealer. Totally a great team, but as of late I have been craving a one step kind of concealer. So ladies (and gents) I bring you the Clarins Instant Concealer. 

Let me first start off and say this concealer is so freaking-you-need-to-buy-this-now good. Yes, we have another rave review, where I am so excited about this product it might be considered embarrasing. On one hand the Instant Concealer is pigmented and offers a long lasting high coverage finish. On the other hand despite the coverage the formula itself is non cakey and light. Most importantly (and my favourite thing) this looks like natural, radiant skin underneath the eye. 

If you see the Instant Concealer, swatch it or ask for a sample... you will love it. As for me I can wholehearted say I don't miss my old duo. Not only was my old duo a process to apply but forking over $56.00 seemed a little too spendy. Currently, my concealer takes me seconds to apply and gives me all the coverage I could ever ask for. I think I've found the best concealer ever! 
What are some of your favourite concealers, leave me a comment!