Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What's In My Diaper Bag

You know how they say 'sleep when baby sleeps'? Well since discovering What's In My Diaper Bag posts I have neglected this rule. At first I wanted to know what kind of bags people carry, then my obsession turned into contents. Why do people carry garbage bags? Why this? How come that? Eventually all my research turned me into a sleep deprived, but well prepared mom. So ladies lets take a departure from beauty and talk about what's in my diaper bag.

The Bag
A part of me wanted to get a fancy designer diaper bag. However the realistic side of me knew I didn't want to baby my bag, so I opted for the Herschel Strand Bag. What sold me on this bag was the unisex design and build quality. After using this bag for six months I can thoroughly say I love thatnits expandable, easy to clean and durable. As an added bonus Herschel products have a lifetime guarantee and they are relatively affordable too.

The Contents

Skip In Hop Pronto Baby Changing Station
This diaper changing station has a pocket for diapers, a compartment for diaper creams and a removable change pad. The best part is this changing station conveniently folds into a clutch, which means you can literally transform any bag into a diaper bag. Likewise if you wanted to leave your diaper bag in the car this small clutch takes up no room in the bottom of  our stroller.

Burt’s Bee’s Diaper Cream
To be honest I rarely use diaper cream… however should Everleigh’s bum look a little red I like to have one on hand. The Burt’s Bee’s is a good natural diaper cream, but to be honest I find the formula a little on the thick side.

Honest Multi Surface Spray
Public change areas can be filthy… Actually the whole diaper changing business in gross, so having a multi surface spray handy can be a lifesaver.

Dr. Bronners Hand Sanitizer
Public diaper changing stations are pretty disgusting... diapers are disgusting... the whole baby changing thing can be gross, so to combat messy situations I always keep a hand sanitizer handy. My personal favourite is the Dr. Bronners (review here). 

Kleen Kanteen Kid Kanteen
I always like to keep a handy bottle of cold water close by especially on really hot days. In comparison to traditional plastic sippy cups the Kanteen keeps water cooler longer. I also happen to really like it's stainless steel body because its both light weight and durable. 

A spare set of clothes!
Babies are prone to spills, diaper accidents, spit ups and all sorts of crazy things! So to avoid these issues I always keep a spare pair of clothes handy. Typically I keep a onesie, a pair of pants and a sweater in my diaper bag. 

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blanket 
From a stroller cover to a peekaboo toy these large muslin blankets come in so handy. In comparison to other muslin blankets I've tried the Aden and Anais are by far the softest on the market. I now have well over 10 of these and don't dare leave the house without one. 
I even have a spare in my car just in case! 

Pacifier Wipes and Pacifiers 
Pacifiers because it keeps a Everleigh cool, calm and collected while we are driving. Wipes because should it the paci fall on the ground it's nice to have a wipe handy. I also like to keep some protein bars in my paci bag for myself should I get hungry while out on a walk. 

I don't go crazy with toys but I like keeping a couple in my diaper bag should the baby get fussy while we our out. Currently Everleigh favourites our her Vulli Turtle, Nubby and Vulli Raddle Keys. 

I think that is everything? Come to think about it, that seems like a lot of things... I suppose like most new moms I follow that 'I'd rather been over prepared then under prepared' principle. Thank you for reading ladies, beauty posts will resume later this week. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Firstly let me start by saying I've never purchased this item and usually I would be reluctant to review something I've never purchased. However over the years I've gone through 10 or more of these mini sample sizes of Ren's Radiance Renewal Masks. Come to think about it currently I have 4 mini back up's. How you ask? To be honest my local Sephora seems to constantly be giving these away. Actually even usually has point/gift with purchase incentive... With that being said this is not a post on freeloading, but actual skincare review. So without further ado here is why you need to get your hands on Ren's Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.

We all know I love skincare and over the years I have tried multiple radiance inducing masks. Unfortunately most of these masks don't work, while the ones that do are painful as heck.  I am looking at you Glamglo, you literally feel like daggers on my skin. The good news is Ren's Radiance Renewal mask does work and even though it has a cocktail of acids it doesn't feel painful at all... Lets talk a little acid shall we? Ren's Radiance Renewal mask contains glycolic acid (from pineapple), lactic acid (from passionfruit), critic acid (from lemon) and tartaric acid (form grapes). These ingredients work together to exfoliate the face, while reducing the look of fine lines, improving skin tone all while giving you that beautiful radiant glow.

 I love that this mask only takes 10 min to use. I love that this mask doesn't make me look like a serial killer like a sheet mask. I think my baby is still traumatized from seeing me in a sheet mask. I love that this mask smells great. I love that this mask has some really great ingredients and I love that this mask lacks harsh, irritating chemicals. I you couldn't tell I am in love with Ren's Radiance Renewal Mask. And if you want noticeably, better looking skin in 10 minutes then trust me you will love this mask too.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Battling Baby Eczema

As a longtime eczema sufferer I can tell you first hand it sucks. However when you child is suffering from eczema (and waking up crying) its absolutely heartbreaking. Not only has the whole experience been hard to watch, but finding safe eczema products for baby is a rarity of it's own. The good thing is there is a community of bloggers, moms, brand ambassadors and dermatologists out there that are more then happy to help. In Everleigh's case after months of suffering, along with a handful of products we are finally winning the battle against baby eczema. So without further ado here are our favourite products to help fight baby eczema.
Avene XeraCalm AD Lipid Replenishing Balm 
Usually I save the best for last but I'm going to go ahead and start with the best here. There is nothing that has helped Everleigh's eczema more then this Avene's Lipid Replenishing Balm. This cream is so effective that there was a noticeable  difference within the first use. 
Now lets get a little nerdy here... this balm contains thermal water which instantly instantly reduces redness and calms irritation. So if you or your child is suffering from an eczema flare up this will bring immediate soothing relief. Continued use not only moisturizes the skin, but actually repairs the skins natural lipid layer. The overall effect calm, healthy, nourished skin. Perfect for the whole family this eczema fighting powerhouse has become one of my favourite beauty products ever. 

Avene Xera Calm AD Lipid Replenishing Cleansing Oil 
The vast majority of baby products are loaded perfumes and chemicals, so finding the right body wash was not an easy task. After months of searching I found two excellent washes and out of those Avene's Lipid Replishing Cleansing Oil is our favourite. This thick oil/gel cleanser does wonders for the skin such as hydrating, repairing and reducing redness. In combination with the Lipid Replenishing Balm the two work wonders to fight eczema!
I have also been loving this as a facial cleanser for myself... I might actually do a whole review on this as a cleanser because it really deserves the added attention.

Skinfix Gentle Hair & Body Wash
Another favourite of our's is the Skinfix! Now there are a few things I really like about this product such as it's non-irratating fragrance, soap and chemical free formula. This formula also contains some amazing hydrating oils like jojoba, apricot and sunflower. In the soothing department this body wash contains chamomile and calendula extracts. While this body wash is loaded with amazing ingredients it feels really light on the skin. If your on the market for a gentle body, for sensitive skin I highly recommend this Skinfix Gentle Hair & Body Wash.

Coconut Oil
Firstly let me start by saying when Everleigh was going through eczema flare ups coconut oil couldn't keep up. With that being said now that her skin has calmed down coconut oil is a great product for everyday moisture. Not only does pure coconut oil lack chemicals and perfumes but it's actually been proven to reduce the itch that irritating eczema itch. Just like the Skinfix if your baby is prone to dry, sensitive skin coconut oil just might do the trick.

So mothers and eczema sufferer's I hope these products help you in your own journey. Just remember there is a whole team of people out there that are more then happy to aid you in your journey. If you have any favourite product's feel free to share them in the comments sections below.

Monday, July 4, 2016

June Favourites

I am going to do the typical thing and start my post by saying I can't believe we are half way through the year. Where does time go? Reflection aside we are here to talk beauty and that is what we will do. This June was a hot ass month! To make matters more steamy our air conditioner broke so this month really embodied healthy skin and minimal makeup.
Minimal, hot-weather chic is just a glamorous way of saying it was so hot my mascara was running down my face. Now on to my faves! 

EOS Smooth Stick
With it's smooth texture the EOS Smooth Stick is everything I wanted the original EOS lip balm to be. My whole review (here) I did earlier this month ended up being a comparison. With that being said when a cult product gets out shined by another I feel like a good comparison is due. So if your on the market for a buttery, hydrating and inexpensive lip balm this is one to check out. 

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask
There are products out there that make me so excited I'm at a loss for words and Ren's Radiance Renewal Mask is that kind of product. If you were looking for a mask that gives you clear, healthy, bright, luminous looking skin in ten minutes you need to give this a try.
Actually this product is so good it really deserves a review of it's own.
Also... see I'm getting ramble-y here. I'm not telling you how to spend your Sephora Beauty Insider points but if you wanted to try this many Sephora's have these as 100 point perks.  Embarrassingly I now own 4 of these sample tubes.

Hermes Le Jardin Apres La Mousson
I love full boded fragrences during cooler months, but in the heat of the summer I am more of a body splash kind of girl. While there are some great offerings out there at affordable prices I have to say now approaching my 30's I crave a luxe body splash... Hello, Hermes! Le Jardin Apres La Mousson, smells a cucumber melon scent that meets a spice market. The overall effect is a fragrance that not only fits summer perfectly, but something slightly more refined then your typical body mist. 
A must have ladies especially if you were a fan of Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon scent growing up. 

John Frida Sea Waves
The last thing you want to do when your air conditioning is broken is blow dry your hair. So what is one to do? Salt Spray! Without heat John Frida's Sea Waves creates some seriously stunning hair. Dare I say my long hair even looked slightly mermaid-ish! The thing that I like the best about this product is it literally takes no time at all, a couple of spritz to the hair and a little crunch and your done. In comparison to come higher end beach sprays I've tried this one is definitely comes out on top. 

A non makeup favourites that included beach spray and body splashes... summer is here people! I hope all of you enjoyed your long weekend. Feel free to let me know what some of your favourites are in the comment section below. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5 Tips For a Better Sleep

After months of persistent exhaustion I knew my sleeping habits needed to change. The old me would go to bed around 10:00pm thinking 'this will be the day I go to bed early'. However after reading the news, looking at Instagram and surfing the web, my hopes of restful sleep go out the window. So if your reading this and relating to my experiences or yawning (I hope your not bored), here are my 5 tips for a better sleep.

1. No Electronics
Every article I've ever read on sleep has recommended to avoid TV, computers or phones before bed. To be honest I feel like I've known this tip for ages but never applied it in my own life. Finally one night after aimlessly surfing the web for hours I realized this has got to stop! These days I make a effort to go to bed laptop free and the end result is a night filled with sleep.

2. Aromatherapy 
There is nothing out there that makes me as sleep ready as lavender. So every night I quickly spritz lavender mist on my pillow. Not only does this step take seconds, but it instantly creates a tranquil sleep environment. For those who are interested I use the affordable Aura Cacia Lavender Mist and it can be found here. 

3. Pyjamas 
Another contributing factor to my shit sleep routine was the fact I would wear clothes to bed. Pyjama's, sleep? Hear me out, but the habit of putting on a comfy pyjama before bed tells my brain its time to sleep. As where the act of putting on legging and a t-shirt get me ready for lounging in front of the TV. So to combat this issue I highly recommend the magic of a good set of pj's. All through slightly overpriced some of my all-time favourites come from Soma. With that being said there is always a great selection of affordable pj's at stores like Winners. 
Pyjama magic is a very real thing!

4. Routine
I have a bedtime routine for my daughter, we play, read and feed for a goodnights rest. However when I looked at my own bedtime routine it was a little backwards. So just like my baby I implemented a bedtime routine in my life and damn it ever change things. I think the old me use to get overwhelmed at a routine but really it only takes 10 min. My personal routine consists of pj's, brushing my teeth, aroma spray, lip balm, quick glance at Instagram and lights out. 

5. Go to Bed When Your Tired
As newly converted master of sleep the best tip I could have given my old self is go to bed when your tired. For years I would go to bed in hopes I would fall sleep early when in reality I wasn't tired at all.  After hours of tossing and turning, followed by hours wasted online I would fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning. These days if I'm not tired I make a cup of tea, read a book or go for a late night walk. 

With a little pyjama magic followed by a quick mist of lavender you can be a master of sleep too. If you have any tips feel free to share in the comments section below. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Favourite Cook Books

My love for cookbooks grows deep. For instance I remember purchasing Julia Child's, Mastering the Art of French Cooking over 10 years ago and thinking to myself I want to move to France and master Coq au Vin. Unfortunately my dreams of moving to France never happened. With that being said to this date I can whip up one badass Beef Bourguignon. Thank you Ms. Child!  Since we all know that I'm a perfume addict and a blush hoarder I thought today venture out to cookbooks, more specifically my current favourites.
The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon
Don't let this vegan cookbook scare you each recipe I've tried has been flavourful, delicious and healthy. Thus far I've tried well over 10 recipes such as the zucchini muffins, Tex Mex Casserole and 15 min Creamy Avocado Pasta. However my all time favourite is the Fall Harvest Butternut Squash.
If you looking for some recipes that just so happen to be vegan and healthy you might want to check this out.
Also, just wanted to point out the photography in this book is just stunning.

Milk Bar Life by Christina Tosi
 I find the original Milk Bar cookbook overly complicated and the ingredients hard to find. Milk Bar Life on the other hand is loaded with simple, easy to follow, tasty recipes. One of my personal favourites is Grandma's Oat Meal Cookies... I swear these are some of the best cookies I've ever made. Filled with personal stories Christina Tosi narrative makes this cookbook quirky, playful and very loveable. If you happen to be a cookie monster with a love for comfort food Milk Bar Life would make an excellent addition to your collection.

Brown Eggs and Jam Jars by Aimee Wimbush-Bourque
From tips on barbecuing to making homemade jams this cookbook is an excellent all rounder. There is even a section on how to prepare for a summer picnic! I've tried a handful of recipes from this book, but some of my all time favourites are the Cheesy Butternut Squash Penne, Chicken Leak Shepherd's Pie and Coconut Cream Baked Oatmeal. The Coconut Cream Baked Oatmeal is so good I embarrassingly ate it all in one sitting. For fresh, seasonal, yummy, crowed pleasing recipes look no further then Brown Eggs and Jam Jars.

So there we have it my top three cookbooks of the moment. Now I need to go eat something because I've never written a post that made me so hungry! Thank you all for taking the time and reading.

Friday, June 17, 2016

EOS Smooth Stick

Let me first start off by saying it's nearly impossible to write this review without talking about the original EOS lip balm. Its innovative design, delicious scents and great ingridents are literally loved by the masses. I swear I've seen makeup collections that boast over 20 of these cute easter egg like lips balms! But in all the online hype about EOS I have yet to hear anyone talk about the Smooth Sick Lip Balm. So ladies here is my speedy review on the EOS Smooth Stick!

Before we dive deep into my brain of crazy lets start off with the basics. EOS claims the Smooth Stick boasts "long lasting moisture" and it "smooths on clear". To be honest I thought the website would have a more enticing decryption so into my world of crazy we go... 

I really like this lip balm. Now there are a few reason's why, but the most important is I really like the formula. Unlike the original Smooth Sphere Lip Balm, the Smooth Stick contains a coconut oil base. This emollient base means your going to have that incredible slip when it hits your lips. 
Actually I was quite impressed to see that this product only contains 10 simple, but effective ingredients. In my experience most popular lips balms contain well over 20.

Now here where things start to get crazy. I love the stick packaging! I know the sphere is fun, but if your clumsy like me you are also probably prone to dropping the darn ball. Cat hair and crumbs should not be in my lip balm. Also I like that you can put this in your pocket without sporting a huge circular bulge. And further more call me traditional, but I just like stick lip products!

The Smooth Stick is hydrating and feels great on the lips. The classic stick design might be dull to the common 13 year old, but I have to say I prefer it. If you wanted to try an affable lip product I highly suggest the Smooth Sick.